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About Us

IVM is an automated supply distribution company that empowers people to create, innovate and do what they love by providing instant access to essential tools. Our mission is to transform workplaces one supply at a time by placing those critical tools and supplies within arm’s reach of the brilliant people who use them every day. In 1993, we began in smart supply distribution through a partnership with Union Pacific, where we developed systems to store and distribute gear to employees with the swipe of a badge. Today, we provide SmartSolutions to clients in a variety of industries, including IT, manufacturing, financial services, transportation, healthcare, education and utilities. IVM-operated SmartSolutions dispense equipment for more than 200 clients across all 50 states and in 38 countries to help companies across all industries streamline processes and cut supply chain management costs.


Howard Calderon
Howard CalderonCEO

Howard Calderon was born and raised in a family that had vending in its blood. Calderon Brothers Vending was the largest independent food service, snack, and beverage vending operator in the state of Indiana until his family sold the business in 2009. Howard grew up in the business by working every job within the company, from sweeping floors as a young man to eventually rising to the CEO position.

The entrepreneurial spirit in Howard was made evident when he and his three siblings founded IVM, Inc. in 1991. IVM was founded to manage the traditional vending operations of large clients that have multiple remote locations throughout the United States and Canada. This service allowed the Calderon family to extend their impact on the vending world beyond Indiana and into the international arena. In 1993, Howard devised the world’s firstautomated supply-vending solutions to control and monitor the distribution of various supply items to the employees of his clients.Those systems now operate in all 50 United States and 29 foreign countries. Howard continues to lead IVM through his strategic stewardship and direction.

Howard understands his success is based not only on his own efforts and abilities, but also on the IVM staff and exemplary client service that has become the hallmark of IVM. That unrelenting focus has created a loyal customer base that drives the continued success of IVM.

  • HCalderon@ivminc.com

  • 317.899.6787

Michael Pitts
Michael PittsPresident

Michael Pitts is president of IVM, Inc., and is responsible for complete oversight of the company’s operations. Michael is proud to be a part of a team that helps companies empower workers to create, innovate and do what they love by providing them with instant access to essential workplace tools.

Michael’s career began with a four-year stint in the United States Marine Corps, where he endured taxing mental and physical training. There, he led 12 other men and gained the confidence, leadership abilities and on-the-fly tactical decision-making skills he credits for his success. After two meritorious promotions, he left the Marine Corps. In 1996, he joined IVM, working his way up from a data-entry clerk. Michael has played a vital role in guiding IVM along its journey to providing the world’s leading companies with automated supply-vending solutions.

Most importantly, Michael credits every milestone and success to his wife and three daughters. Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Western Governors University.

  • MPitts@ivminc.com

  • 317.899.6787

Julie Clesi
Julie ClesiCOO

Julie joined IVM in 2001 after relocating to Indianapolis with her husband and children.  As the Chief Operating Officer her priority is to ensure IVM delivers value across many dimensions and provides an exceptional customer experience. Julie is proud to be a team member at a company that is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative automated distribution providers.

From the beginning of her career Julie focused her professional development on customer service and her ability to cultivate relationships with customers as well as internally at IVM. She has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Southern Indiana and a Master of Business Administration from Walden University.

Julie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, reading, outdoor activities and volunteering in the community.

  • JClesi@ivminc.com

  • 317.899.6787

Peter Steele
Peter SteeleDirector of IT

Peter Steele joined the IVM team in February, 2020 as our Software Engineering Manager. He brings nearly 20 years of software engineering experience and project leadership both in the public and private sectors. He has a passion for building teams and collaborating with management, staff, and clients on the software development life cycle. He is committed to exceeding customer expectations.

Peter graduated from University of Houston Clear Lake with a degree in Computer Information Systems and lives in the Whitestown/Zionsville area with his wife and twins.  In his spare time, Peter enjoys traveling with his family, participating in his children’s sports and activities and serving in his church. Living most of his life in in the Houston Texas area, Peter is an avid sports fan for Texas teams although the Colts and Pacers are slowly gaining a new fan.

  • PSteele@ivminc.com

  • 317.899.6787

Jeff Gabonay
Jeff GabonayDirector of Sales

Jeff Gabonay joined the IVM sales team in 2011, taking a position as one of the regional sales representatives and was elevated to the sales director at the beginning of 2015. Jeff joined IVM having spent more than four years in industrial sales with a background specifically in hand tools, maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) and vending.

Jeff’s enthusiasm for customer relations and learning the intricacies of different businesses operations for a range of industries has allowed him to find the best IVM solution for his client’s needs time and time again. From employee productivity gains to reduced procurement processes, his 10 years of dedicated industry experience has allowed him to provide turnkey solutions to meet the individual needs of a variety of clients and help transform workplaces.

Jeff graduated from Indiana University in 2007 with a B.A. in History with a Business Minor. Outside of the office, Jeff enjoys nothing more than being around his wife and two small children. He also loves the outdoors, to travel and prides himself on being a lifelong fan of the Chicago Cubs.

  • JGabonay@ivminc.com

  • 317.899.6787

Nathan Guffey
Nathan GuffeyDirector of S&I

With more than 30 years of vending experience, Nathan provides IVM’s clients with a superior level of operational expertise in vending systems and dedication every step of the way. As the company’s service and installation manager, his knowledge in mechanics, engineering, and operations is reflected through his team’s ability to provide turnkey solutions to meet each client’s individual needs whether it’s down the street or across the globe.

Nathan started his career in the vending business in 1980 with Calderon Brothers Vending where he learned the business from the ground up. Over the years he worked his way up to the position of service supervisor within Calderon Brothers. In 1990, Nathan was asked to start a new office branch for the company but ultimately returned to the home office to serve as the operations manager for the entire company. Today, Nathan and his team work in the background to ensure IVM devices, networks, and supplies are constantly delivering maximum value for IVM’s clients.

  • NGuffey@ivminc.com

  • 317.899.6787

Kyle Smallegan
Kyle SmalleganDirector of Marketing

Kyle Smallegan joined the IVM team in 2017 as the director of marketing. Kyle brings more than 10 years of marketing, branding and advertising experience to IVM across a variety of companies and clients. He’s passionate about every facet of marketing, and is thrilled to join the IVM team during this exciting time of growth.

Kyle graduated from George Washington University in Washington, DC with a degree in history and has his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. He lives in Chicago with his wife and French bulldog and enjoys anything with wings or wheels, trying new restaurants in Chicago and Detroit sports (although he’s been known to cheer for the Cubs on occasion). ​

  • KSmallegan@ivminc.com

  • 317.899.6787

Timothy Lee
Timothy LeeDirector of S&O

Bio coming soon

  • TLee@ivminc.com

  • 317.899.6787

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